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Lexi's Innovative Products have teamed up with Shopify to offer you a 14 day free trial!

Why? Because we believe that Shopify is a real opportunity for anyone seeking financial independence.

Shopify can have your store up and running in no time.

Start your 14 day free trial!

Here is just some of the reasons that Shopify is the right choice for you:

  • Shopify is the world’s fastest growing commerce platform with over 100,000 active global retailers
  • You can sell online, offline and on-the-go using Shopify’s powerful technology
  • Use your own domain name
  • Sell gift cards and generate coupon codes
  • Use its integrated blogging platform to create blog posts
  • Process credit card payments directly through Shopify, or other gateways
  • Process in-store purchases with Shopify POS
  • Process purchases with your smartphone using Shopify Mobile
  • Receive 24/7 onboarding and technical support from Shopify Gurus
  • Access ecommerce analytics
  • Use built-in SEO
  • Rely on fast servers, industry-leading response times, and cutting edge infrastructure
  • Keep your customer’s data secure with PCI Level 1 Compliant checkout
  • Sell unlimited SKUs
  • Shopify is always adding free new features to help you sell

Why wait? Click this banner and start today!

Welcome to Shopify! Whether you're opening a new online store or are interested in using Shopify as your ecommerce platform, you can find out more information about your options here.

After you register for a 14-day free trial, follow the initial setup guide to start using Shopify. The initial setup guide features step-by-step tutorials for the main tasks you need to complete before you start selling. In addition to the initial setup guide, you can print the setup checklist to track your progress.

When you signup for a Shopify plan during or after your 14 day free trial, CONTACT us and comment "Shopify Sales Videos" in the message box and we will give you access to a FREE series of videos that will help you get your FIRST SALE!  

<img src="shopify.jpg"alt text="Start a 14 day free trial with Shopify"/>

Shopify provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and run your business. Depending on the pricing plan that you choose, you can find everything you need to showcase your products online, to process payments, and to make your store work for you.

Shopify offers:

  • Free and paid themes from the Shopify Theme Store to make your store stand out and look great
  • Free and paid apps from the Shopify App Store to expand on the existing functionality of your store
  • Shopify's own payment provider to accept credit card payments
  • Growth opportunities with Shopify's various sales channels and an enterprise plan for merchants selling in high volume who might be feeling the effects of accumulating transaction fees
  • A Shopify blog that has guides and articles about running your store and connecting with your customers
  • Experts all around the world who can help you set up, design, and market your store
  • A dedicated Support team available 24/7 to answer your questions no matter what Shopify planyou're on.

Ways to sell

With Shopify you can sell products in different ways using many sales channels. Although you're not limited to choosing only one way to sell, it's important to have an idea of your business requirements so you can choose a pricing plan that works for you.

Selling in person with Shopify POS

If you want to sell your products in person, then you can sign up for Shopify POS. This point of sale system allows you to process sales in a retail store and at mobile locations, such as fairs, pop-ups, and markets, using the Shopify POS app.

Selling with Shopify's online store

If you want to sell online, then you can sign up for a Shopify online store. You will be able to set up all your products in the Shopify admin, and then have a beautiful online store for your customers to visit.

Selling on Shopify's other online channels

If you want to sell on social media, then you can do so using one (or more) of the available channels:

Shopify Buy Buttons:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

You are not restricted to the Shopify online store or another online sales channel. If you want to have a Shopify online store and one (or more) of the other online channels, you can do so.

Pricing plans

Depending on the type of business you are running (and the way you want to sell your products), your needs for features and functionality might vary. Because of this, Shopify offers several subscription plans that have different monthly fees, transaction fees, and store features.

Where to go for help

Shopify offers many resources to help you succeed. In addition to self-help documentation in the Help Center, you can find guides and tutorials about growing your business in the Shopify community. If you can't figure out how to do something on your own, then you can ask Support, or connect with Shopify Experts to hire professional help with launching, designing, and marketing your store.

Join the Shopify community

In addition to Shopify's blog and webinars, you can use the Shopify forums to learn with other merchants and better understand what you need to do to set up your business and make your first sale.

Ask Support

If you're not able to find what you're looking for in the Shopify Help Center, you can reach out to the Shopify Support team at any time. Go to the Shopify Support page to get in touch.

Hire an expert

You can browse available experts, or post your job to find the perfect match among 800+ Shopify Experts. Hiring an expert gets you professional help with launching, designing, and marketing your store.

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