Interact with your customers immediately when they visit your site.

​Your virtual employee can greet your customers when they visit your site and tell your customers anything you would like 24 hours a day 7 days a week! 

You can create your own avatars for your website.  It's easy and there are many to choose from.  Change the hair color, male or female, ethnicity, skin tone and more!  You can even use your face as the avatar! 

Why Use SitePal?

1. Communicate with impact.
2. Get your message across.
3. Influence users with a spoken call to action.
4. Stand out.
5. Increase site conversion.

SitePal Features

*Mobile Compatibility
*Over 250 customizable stock avatars or create your own
*Built in Text-to-Speech in over 25 languages 
*or record your own
*Add images and video backgrounds
*Easy to set up and use, no programming skills needed
*API for advanced user

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Use our editor to pick and customize one of base models to your liking. Take a look at our model catalogue and see how versatile they can be! A variety of add-on model options are also available for enhanced customization.

SitePal offers 4 different, easy ways of adding voice to your characters. There is no additional cost to update your audio message. "Play" and "Pause" buttons are enabled to let site visitors initiate the audio of a speaking character.

SitePal's online publishing tool makes it a breeze to publish your talking character anywhere you want. It's fast, and no programming knowledge is required.

Using our Player feature, you can easily enable your character for additional functionality such as lead generation or FAQ. More solutions are to be added!

Simple and easy as it may be, SitePal also support very flexible and powerful features for advanced users such as API extension and Artificial Intelligence bots.

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